Welcome to the Blandford Allotments website. You will find lots of useful information regarding the events, committee members, plot availability, gardening tips and other useful resources for the allotmenteer.

Blandford Allotment Society currently have two sites situated in the town as follows.

Lamperd’s Field:

This site can be found on the Salisbury Road heading towards Pimperne from the Top of the Hill roundabout at approximately 400 yards on the left. There is on site parking, toilets & kitchenette.

Elizabeth Road :

This site can be found behind Elizabeth Road and is easily visible from Philip Road

To be eligible for an allotment you must live in the Blandford area or the surrounding villages.

We currently have a few vacant allotments at the following site: Lamperd’s Field. There is a waiting List for Elizabeth Road

In the event that there are no allotments available and you wish to apply to go on any of the waiting lists you can complete the on-line form in the Contact area of the website letting us know your name and address and the allotment site(s) that  you would like your name added to.